If you are interested in enrolling a student at our school, please CLICK HERE to download our Registration of Interest form.

Once you’ve filled out the form please email it back to us at dl.0910.info@schools.sa.edu.au

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff by calling (08) 8255 7566. 

Contact Details

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(08) 8255 7566


School Structure

Playford International College has moved away from traditional year levels and is introducing sub schools.
These sub schools are –

Junior Secondary (Years 7 & 8)

The focus is on establishing learning dispositions and content skills, knowledge and understandings for students beginning high school. 

Middle Secondary (Years 9 & 10)

The focus is on helping students meet Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards through personal Growth.

Senior Secondary (Years 11 & 12)

The focus is on high level skill and knowledge application through a student’s individual learning pathway.


For more information about Playford International College’s curriculum and academic programs please visit our COURSE DESCRIPTORS.


Yr 7 Transition to Playford International College 

Please CLICK HERE to download our “Welcome Booklet”. This document offers an overview of our school for current year 7’s enrolling into Junior Secondary.


General PIC Information

Our Vision

To provide a high quality, innovative and engaging education that prepares our students to be active community members and global citizens who think critically and creatively, communicate effectively and learn enthusiastically.

Our Mission

Playford International College is committed to providing an outstanding educational experience where everyone plays a part in creating a safe, caring and vibrant community. The School creates a foundation for lifelong learning, builds resilience and optimism, and challenges students to achieve personal excellence.
In partnership with our families and the broader community, every student will be given opportunities to develop skills, knowledge and competencies to emerge as productive and confident young adults.

Special Interest Music

Playford International College is one of four designated Special Interest Music Centres in South Australia, serving the Northern suburbs of Adelaide. Our Centre offers a wide range of high-quality music courses to cater for the diverse interests and needs of its student population. The Music Centre aims to foster the development of the musically talented, creating a clear line of sight in musical education encompassing music industry links, primary, secondary and tertiary music study, while maintaining students’ connection to mainstream secondary education.
For more information regarding Special Interest Music please visit our Special Interest Music Centre page and read this Message  from the Head of Music.

Laptops for Learning

Playford International College expects all students to have their own device.

To view the current options, please see the Laptops for Learning page.


Playford International College