Every student must have a device

OPTION 1 – Brand New

Lenovo Chromebook (ChromeOS)**

This Lenovo Chromebook has a touchscreen and 10-hour battery life with high performance specifications developed for the school’s ICT network, the Google educational suite and external internet access. NOTE Centrepay is available for this option ONLY.

OPTION 1.1 – Total Cost $160

Lease a Lenovo Chromebook for 1 year at a cost of $160. At the end of the year the lease is over and the device must be returned to the school.

OPTION 1.2 – Total Cost $480

Lease a Lenovo Chromebook for 3 years at a yearly cost of $160. At the end of the 3 year lease you will own the device.
NOTE If you choose this option you are committing to buy the device for $480.

OPTION 1.3 – Total Cost $480

Buy a Lenovo Chromebook outright for $480. You will own the device immediately. • Centrepay or part payment through the school is available via a signed agreement if required.

NOTE If you choose this option you are committing to buy the device for $480.

OPTION 2 – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Of course students may already have a laptop. We do our utmost to ensure that any computer a student may have access to is useable on our network. Many devices are available from a wide range of retailers in a wide price / quality range. Minimum Requirements • Windows 10 or later. • Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later.


If you’re ready to chose one of these options, then CLICK HERE to download the combined “2020 Electronic Device User Agreement” and “Acceptable Electronic Device use Policy” document. Read about your options, fill out the forms and bring them in to us at the PIC front office. 
The “2020 Laptops for Learning” PDF document, explains all these options. CLICK HERE to download.

• A device will be issued only after the lessee has signed and returned the “Electronic Device user agreement” and the "Acceptable Electronic Device use Policy".
• Selection of any option (other than option 2) means you have made a commitment to pay for that option.
• The lessee will be financially liable for any repairable or irreparable damage to devices or lost devices which are either fully or partially owned by the school.
• All devices are supplied with chargers. The lessee will be liable for any loss or damage to the charger.
• If a student leaves PIC the device is to be either returned or paid in full.
• All costs will be to the full value of the device stated on this form, minus payments already made.
• Any “Original” device in the care of the ICT office which has unpaid charges must be reclaimed within 4 weeks, otherwise it will be repurposed.
• All fees are legally recoverable.
* While stocks last. 
**NOTE Dell has ceased production of the Chromebook 3189, so we can no longer offer this model. We have introduced the Lenovo 300e as the new device as it has similar features, specs and price point as the previous Dell model. For more information regarding the Lenovo 300e please visit the following link: Lenovo 300e Chromebook