Enrolling at Playford International College

Moving from another High School

CLICK HERE to see the Department for Education Enrolment page. 

Transition from Primary to High School

Every year there is a statewide transition process for year 7 students to go to public high schools. This transition process for families starts in term 2.

Currently, parents apply through this transition process when their child is in year 7. Starting in 2022, year 7 will be the first year of high school. For more information CLICK HERE. to see the Department for Education “Year 7 to high school information for parents” page.  

Students at government schools

Year 7 students at public primary schools will get application information from their school.

This year there will be an online registration of interest form for public school families. You should get a unique URL for your child via email or letter from your primary school. 

Students at non-government schools

Year 7 students at non-government schools who want to apply for a public high school can get application information from their local public high school, local education office, or by filling in the registration of interest form for non-government school students (PDF 378KB) and emailing education.startingsecondaryschool@sa.gov.au.

Applying to a public high school

Through the statewide transition process, you can nominate your child for up to 3 non-local high schools, as well as your local (zoned) school. If your child currently goes to a combined school (eg reception to year 12), you can stay at that school or apply for another high school. You must apply by the due date.

See the starting secondary school in 2021 brochure (PDF 2,320KB) for more information.

After the transition process closes each year, schools will take late applications directly. Late applicants may have limited opportunity to attend a non-local high school or a school with a capacity management plan.

Applying to our Special Interest Music Program

Playford International College is a Special Interest Music School. Please CLICK HERE to apply for our music program. 

Registration of Interest for PIC 

If you are interested in enrolling a student at our school, please CLICK HERE to go to our enrollments page