Playford International College is committed to ensuring student wellbeing creating a safe learning environment that maximises opportunities. The following Policies outline how these aims are achieved:

  • Code of behaviour
  • Common Rules
  • Harassment/Grievance
  • Students Over The Age Of Compulsion

Extreme Hot Weather Policy

During periods of extreme hot weather (days forecast to reach 40 degrees C or over), or extended
periods without adequate site air-conditioning, the Principal has the authority to invoke the following

Dismiss students in years 8 – 10 at the beginning of lunchtime when the estimated maximum
temperature for the Elizabeth / Playford Council area, as predicted on The Bureau of Meteorology
Website (BOM) at 08:00 am, is 40 degrees C or above.
Notify parents/caregivers (SMS / Compass and the school website) of arrangements during extreme

Note that bus schedules cannot be changed to suit Playford International College arrangements during
extreme heat. Students who cannot leave school will report promptly to the Learning Hub at the end of
lunchtime and remain supervised until the normal dismissal time.
Wherever possible, Year 11 and 12 lessons will continue as normal in order to enhance SACE
achievement. These classes will be conducted in the coolest rooms available.


Bullying and Harassment Policy


Playford International College (PIC) is committed to providing high quality learning and education where everyone shares responsibility in creating a safe, caring and equitable environment. We support every student to develop and use skills, knowledge and competencies as productive, confident and community minded global citizens.

This Policy is compliant with Department for Education Attendance policies and guidelines.

This Policy is compliant with the Council of International Schools code of ethics and the PIC Transformational Plan.


This policy applies to all Playford International College staff, students and members of the wider community.

Through the structure of site bullying and harassment procedure ( PIC-WEL-PRO-007 ) and Department of Education policies, processes and procedures, Playford International College staff are committed to keeping students and staff safe from bullying, we value the worth of others and their rights as citizens. We believe in taking ownership of our actions and behave appropriately.