Canvas is a cloud-based Learning Management System that is designed to make teaching and learning easier.

video – Introduction to the browser based interface of Canvas on a computer

Canvas integrates with a range of educational software platforms and creates a single sign-in service for its users. Canvas provides educators, learners & parents / guardians with access to live analytics about student performance and learning habits.

Canvas will coexist with Compass on our site, as both software applications still have a role to play in our school software. The fundamental difference is Canvas is about teaching and learning (assignments, assessment) and Compass is about student information and attendance.

video – Using Canvas through a web interface on a mobile phone

By introducing Canvas we are equipping our teachers and our students with the world’s leading LMS, used by over 1 million institutions worldwide. The LMS provides users, and the school community with live analytics that allow us to monitor student progression, and engagement as well as academic achievements. 

If you have any queries about Canvas, please don’t hesitate to contact the school and ask to speak with myself or a member of the Curriculum Exec.
Please view the Canvas Guides for instructions and hints for parents.


For information and assistance on how to navigate your way around Canvas (LMS) to view your students courses, calendars, course content and feedback please –

CLICK HERE to view the Canvas Guides

For information about the smart device Canvas Apps – 

CLICK HERE for Apple devices

CLICK HERE for Android devices


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