Our Campus in the mid 1960s

Three schools have come together to form Fremont-Elizabeth City High School -Playford High School in 1988, Fremont High School and Elizabeth City High School in 1995.

Fremont, known as Elizabeth Boys Technical High School until 1975, ended its 35-year history in 1995. Playford was the local Girl’s Technical High School in a similar period and Elizabeth High School was established in 1961

Providing students with access to a diverse curriculum has been the School’s primary focus since the amalgamation was announced in September 1994. Fremont and Elizabeth City staff worked together to develop special programs for both schools and particularly for senior students.

Upgrading buildings to create a nurturing atmosphere for learning occurred over the next three to four years. During the refurbishment, the School took the step of installing optic fibre cabling, linking the staff room, computer rooms, technical studies area and Resource Centre.

In August of Fremont-Elizabeth City High School’s first year, a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Centre was completed, creating a space for dance, music and drama. A former transportable double classroom was converted to a specialist dance teaching area to serve as an addition to the performance space of the Centre.

The teaching of dance complements a strong drama and music tradition carried over from the previous schools.

Also during 1996, a new section was built alongside the gym, housing an extended staff resource and preparation area and change rooms. Older transportable classrooms were removed from the back of the School to provide an extended staff and student car park.
As the School’s population continued to grow, three transportable rooms were added in 1999 near the Technical Studies area.

The School has continued its close cooperation with Kaurna Plains R-12 School, providing their secondary students with access to Fremont-Elizabeth City’s curriculum. Welfare and student management issues are handled jointly.