The Contemporary Music Course is a full-year elective subject and may be studied from Year 8-12. The main skill development area in this course is ensemble performance, with students participating in a Class Band learning contemporary repertoireas an ensemble. Middle School Contemporary Music classes are streamed into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced with Advanced students studying the VET Certificate II in Music, earning SACE points and working with Music Industry professionals. Contemporary Music students can continue music until Year 12, including the opportunity to study and complete VET Certificate III in Music.


Contemporary Music studies include;

Ensemble Performance:     Students develop their performance skills by participating

                                            in a class band on their chosen instrument.      

Applied Musicanship:          Students develop musical literacy skills, learning to read,

                                            write and manipulate music and apply their knowledge in

                                            a practical setting.

Music Technology:              Students use professional audio and sound recording

                                           equipment and software to create and record music and

                                           manipulate sound

Musicology:                        Students research and study different styles and musical



Learning an instrument and attending weekly instrumental lessons are compulsory to all students in Contemporary Music. Tuition is offered on each of the following instruments;

Alto Saxophone

Bass Guitar



Electric Guitar




Tenor Saxophone