Special Interest Music is an intensive course available to students with a keen interest, ability and passion for music and music-making.

• Entry to this course is by audition only.
• Applications are open for students currently learning any instrument, including voice, or who have an ability and passion for music.
• Students accepted in to the Special Interest Music Program study two lines of music every semester, as well as other school core and elective subjects.

As outlined in our brochure, students selected for this course are:

• Extended musically by receiving four additional classroom music lessons in which they study composition, jazz, solo performance, music studies and music technology.
• Entitled to receive financial subsidy towards the cost of private tuition on one instrument.
• Provided with free lessons on one instrument.
• Strongly encouraged to learn two instruments to broaden their skills acquisition.
• Expected to participate in co-curricular performance groups and continue Special and Contemporary Music through to Year 12..
• The opportunity to apply for other music scholarships, including the Colin Oliver Wyatt Scholarship worth $4500 over three years (awarded to one senior PIC student every year).

Special Interest Music students also participate in sponsored intra and interstate travel, have the opportunity to perform at high profile public events and work with music industry professionals.

Successful Special Interest Music applicants are guaranteed enrolment into Playford International College, regardless of conventional school zoning.

Application for Special Interest Music Program – 2021 School Year

CLICK HERE to download SIMC Brochure

• To Apply you will need to complete the application forms and return to the school no later than Friday 8 May 2020.

CLICK HERE to download SIMC Application Form

• Auditions will be held on Wednesday 20 May and Thursday 21 May 2020 for entrance into the 2021 Special Interest Music Centre program.

Auditions consist of three parts;
1. Performance - Students present a musical work on at least one instrument.
2. Practical Musicianship - Students demonstrate their ability to recognise and respond to elements of music including pitch, rhythm and melody.
3. Interview - Students demonstrate academic rigour, time management, and commitment pursuing an area of passion and interest.

If you need a hard copy form or have any further questions about the Special Interest Music Centre program, please contact the Special Interest Music Centre.