At Playford International College, we are committed to providing high quality learning, creating safe and caring environments which promote equity and diversity.
To be successful at school, students should attend regularly and participate in educational programs. 

There is a clear link between getting a Year 12 certificate (or equivalent qualification) and improved social and economic outcomes for all young people.

Australian Government, Department of Education and Training

We believe that

• Young people suffer academically if they miss school
• Chronic absences are a warning sign that a student maybe disengage from school
• Attendance is a shared responsibility between the school, parents / caregivers, students and the community

What families can do to support a young person to attend school

• Avoid vacations and doctor’s appointments which require a young person to miss school
• Set homework and bedtime routine (8 ½ to 9 ½ hours per night on average). When the lights go out, so do the mobile phones, computers and video games
• Turn to the school for help – Ask to talk to your young person’s Mentor Teacher

Parent / Caregiver responsibilities

•  Is responsible for their child’s punctuality and attendance
•  Can support student engagement with education programs within the home by promoting good habits, structures and routines
• Must notify the school (on the day) when their child is late, absent or has to leave early (this can be done via the Compass App or by contacting the school either directly, in person or over the phone.
• Must provide medical certificate (where possible, appointments should be made out of school hours)
• NOTE – After three days absence a written explanation is required
• Whenever a planned absence cannot be arranged during school holidays should apply for an exemption
• Should work with the school to develop Individual Student Attendance Improvement Plans as required
• Should provide information to assist in their child’s learning (Medical, learning disabilities, family issues)


• If a valid mobile number is provided, parents/caregivers will receive notification of unexplained attendance via SMS
Download the Compass App, or access Compass via the online portal to access attendance information.

Student responsibilities

• Attending school is your first and most important job
• Students who attend school regularly are more likely to complete Year 12 and find a good job
• School only gets harder when you stay at home too much
• Be punctual, attend regularly and engage in education programs as negotiated
• Provide a written note signed by a parent / caregiver explaining absenteeism if no other communication is received from the parent / caregiver
• Provide a written note to Student Services when signing out, signed by a parent / caregiver, Subject Teacher AND Year Level Manager
• Negotiate with subject teachers to catch up on any work missed due to absenteeism
• Signs in / out at Student Services

What to do if a student is absent, arriving late or leaving early

Parent / Caregiver

• Should notify the school on the day of their child being late, absent or leaving early.
• Written – Compass, email, note, SMS or medical certificate (where possible appointments should be out of school hours)
• Verbal – In person or by phone call
• NOTE – After three days absence a written explanation is required


• Sign in / out at Student Services.
• Negotiate with the classroom teacher to catch up on any work missed.

If no communication has been received from a parent / caregiver

• Student arrives late or has been absent – the student must provide a note signed by a parent / caregiver to Student Services.
• Student is leaving early from school – the student must provide a note signed by a parent / caregiver, Mentor Teacher AND Year Level Manager / House Leader to Student Services.