PIC CLIP Music trip to China – July 2019

Course and Curriculum

The Special Interest Music Centre offers unique opportunities to study music at the secondary level while students maintain their other studies through the support of specialist staff and resources. Students have opportunities to develop high level skills in Solo and Ensemble Performance, Composing and Arranging, Music History and Analysis, Musicianship and Music Technology.


Playford International College employs specialised and dedicated music staff, both teaching and ancillary, that are selected through a rigorous process. The Head of Music Centre and Deputy Head of Music oversee and co-ordinate the music program Department of Education and Private instrumental teachers also service the school, offering an extensive range of individual and small group instrumental musical tuition.

The music staff are highly capable generalist music teachers with strong skills across the board. Each also has specialist areas of talent and knowledge, covering genres from musicology, jazz, classical, instrumental accompanying, choral direction, orchestral conducting, composition, VET music and music technology. There are high expectations of the staff to encourage and support extra-curricular involvement from both the school and the wider community, with over 50 public performances on the calendar every year.

Application for Special Interest Music Centre 2020

The Special Interest Music Centre are holding audition on Wednesday May 22 and Thursday May 23 for entrance into the 2020 Special Interest Music Centre program. Auditions consist of three parts;

Performance Students present a musical work on at least one instrument.

Practical Musicianship Students demonstrate their ability to recognise and respond to elements of music including pitch, rhythm and melody.

Interview Students demonstrate academic rigour, time management, and commitment pursuing an area of passion and interest.

Applicants need to complete the application forms and return to the school no later than Friday May . If you need a hard copy form or have any further questions about the Special Interest Music Centre program, please contact the Music Centre

SIMC Application Form 2019

SIMC Brochure 2019