Digital Learning at PIC

At Playford International College we use a suite of effective online learning tools to provide a robust learning program for your student. All software platforms are designed to make our learning and student management transparent so that parents and guardians have a clear view of how their students are progressing at our school.

The school employs Canvas as our Learner Management System (LMS) for all educational courses. Canvas is a cloud-based Learning Management System that is designed to make teaching and learning easier. Students have live 24/7 access to their courses, so they can learn from anywhere (as long as they are connected).

Canvas integrates with a range of educational software platforms and creates a single sign-in service for its users. Canvas provides educators, learners & parents / caregivers with access to live analytics about student performance and learning habits.

Canvas coexists on our site with other software applications such as Maths Pathways, Google for Education, Office 365 and more. These other learning tools are used as required by our curriculum.

It is important to note that Canvas is only used for teaching and learning purposes. For student attendance, notes and roll-marking we use Compass which is our School Information System (SIS).

The fundamental difference is –

     Compass is about student information and attendance.

     Canvas is about teaching and learning (assignments, assessment). 

Please refer to the table below to illustrate the difference. 

SIS - School Information SystemLMS - Learner Management System
Student InformationTeaching & Learning
Roll marking, Attendance, ChroniclesLAPs (Learning & Assessment Plans), Assignments, Assessment

Our next step is to better integrate Canvas and Compass so that all users can navigate between the two platforms.

Software Guides

For further information use the links below. 


For information and assistance on how to navigate your way around Canvas (LMS) to view your students courses, calendars, course content and feedback please CLICK HERE to view the Canvas Guides

For information about the smartphone Canvas Apps – 

CLICK HERE for iOS (iPhone)

CLICK HERE for Android


CLICK HERE to see “A Parent’s Guide to Compass”