The Supported Learning Centre (SLC) at Playford International College comprises 3 Special Option classes, (Junior, Middle and Senior) and an Interoception Class offering Students with a Disability the opportunity to thrive in a specialised, safe, supportive and creatively academic environment.

Special education options have a placement process that is clear, transparent and consistent. The application for the child or student must provide information that meets eligibility criteria for the specialised education option sought.

The placement panels will prioritise applications using specific criteria that include –

  • cognitive ability
  • safety and supervision
  • language and communication
  • interoception or sensory regulation
  • sensory (vision or hearing)
  • social independence
  • health and personal care needs
  • curriculum needs.

At Playford International College SLC staff focus on individual student needs and interests, as the basis for planning engagement tasks and activities to support and scaffold the learning and development of the skills students will need to be independent and contributing members of the community in which they live. 

Students in Years 8-10 are assessed using the Australian Curriculum Standards, General Capabilities and Growth Mindset to enable independent and self directed learning skills to be developed. In Years 11 and 12, focus is on employability skills and opportunities, and on achieving  Modified SACE.

All Supported Learning students complete Personal Learning Program (PLP) and Research Project as part of their SACE requirements.

For more information on Special Option Placements visit or contact the Head of Supported Learning at Playford International College. 

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