2018 Yearbook



Engage Positively

E-Safety: Engage positively When you engage positively you are exercising your rights and responsibilities as a digital citizen, and respecting the rights of others.

CIS Accreditation

It is with great pride that Playford International College can now call themselves a CIS school, this is a fantastic achievement for everyone involved.

2019 Sports Day

Going into Sports Day, only Gillespie and Mitchell Houses had ever been crowned Sports Day champions, and with Gillespie reigning champions, it was set to be an exciting day of athletics on the school oval.

Employability Skills Program

Playford International College launches its Employability Skills Program The Employability Skills Program gives students the advantage of undertaking meaningful tasks that benefit the school but also provide a sense of ownership, responsibility, and importance for the student whilst still studying full time and maximising their schooling potential.