Teacher of the Year Nominations



Work It Out Program

Established in 2017, this program uses personal training and physical fitness as a tool to help students make positive decisions when faced with negative situations.

The Smith Family – The Saver Program

Saver Plus is a 10 month financial education and matched savings program that assists families to gain financial skills, establish a savings goal and develop long term saving habits.

Dance Moderation Performance

Yr 12 Dance Moderation  On Friday the 21st September (week 9), the year 12 Dance students of Playford International High School will present their Dance moderation performance at 7pm at the Shedley Theatre.


What?! No Colour Powder?! With our fundraising target and deadline both approaching our group decided that we needed to run another major fundraiser.

Exhibition of Learning

    Exhibition of Learning A bustling hot spot of hands on interactions for all ages, engaging conversations on the complex thinking of student work, fine cuisine that had people lined up for more and high preforming entertainment that rocked the audience.