Year 7 Transition Day

November 25, 2020 2 comments

8:45am Tuesday 1 December

  • Year 7 students will attend Playford International College for the whole day.
  • Students will need to wear their full primary school uniform.
  • They will go to lessons, meet teachers and familiarise themselves with secondary school routine.
  • Recess and Lunch are provided.

Please drop your Year 7 at our Goodman Road gate. (see the map)


Unfortunately because of COVID restrictions parents will not be allowed on site this year. 

There will be plenty of our staff at the Goodman Road gate to direct students to the Gym and speak to parents. 
All Year 7’s will be supplied with a goodie bag, (including recess, a map, a timetable and a drink bottle), and we will also be hosting a BBQ on our Home Ec deck for lunch. (Vegetarian and halal options will be available).
We look forward to welcoming our future students


Executive Director – Junior Secondary

(Years 7 & 8)


2 thoughts on “Year 7 Transition Day”

  1. Will a tour be offered or an information session at a later date for parents who have never visited the campus before? Thank you.

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