Work It Out Program

September 18, 2018 0 comments

Established in 2017, this program uses personal training and physical fitness as a tool to help students make positive decisions when faced with negative situations. The program is deliver by Pushing Performance, one of Playford International College’s many partners, and they apply their professional skills in personal training and life style training to help positively re-engage students with education. Students are identified by staff and data to attend an initial seminar run by the Pushing Performance team. From here students are then individually interviewed by the team to gain baseline data and this is then used to create a perosnalised pathway through the program. Students involved in the program may struggle with peer to peer or student-staff relationships, handle negative emotions in an unhealthy manner or de-esclate anger poorly. The ultimate goal of the program is support students to make better choices in daily situations and therefor function effectively int he school environment. 


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