Teacher of the Year Nominations

September 15, 2018 0 comments
Congratulations to four of our teachers who have been nominated for Teacher of the Year.

Mr. Davidson has been nominated for Kindness in his first year of teaching. Mr. Davidson works in the Playford Alternate Learning Centre and has been recognised for his outstanding ability to foster effective working relationships with his students.

Ms Milternoff has been recognised for her amazing efforts and deidcation to the profession, in particular her above and beyond efforts in our Special Interest Music program. Ms Miltenoff has been nominated under the category of Inspiring.

Ms Russo has also been nominated for under the category of Inspiring. As the Year 12 Year Level Manager, and the support behind the student run cafe, Coffee & Co. Ms Russo consistently goes above and beyond to help support students at Playford International College.
Ms Woodrow has been nominated under the category of Community Spirit to recognise her outstanding efforts and involvement in the PIC to Cambodia expedition. Ms Woodrow has spent countless hours raising money in the community to help fund the upcoming adventure. 
This is the first time that Playford International College has had multiple nominations, and we could not be more excited for our colleges. 
As has been well documented over the last few years, Playford International College, has been deeply involved in a transformational journey to improve educational outcomes for students. Outcomes aligned to the improvement of academic success but also an increased focus on the development of transferable skills to be further developed for success post schooling. 

Whilst there have been many things put in place to support this important work to happen, a focus on Teaching and Learning has been of the highest priority. Teachers have been working extremely hard in upskilling and reflecting on practice to ensure our students have the opportunity to develop and be exposed to appropriate and context specific pedagogy. The research is clear in regards to teacher learning. Teachers, that also view themselves as learners, have much greater success at improving outcomes for students. The school has significantly invested in professional learning over the last few years, through school based action research and targeted development of contemporary pedagogy for teachers. It is fantastic to see now that four of our teachers have been rewarded with nominations for teacher of the year, due to their committed work at improving the lives of our students.

For more information about the award please visit: https://www.nova919.com.au/win/teacher-year

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