7 thoughts on “Coronavirus update – SA Department for Education”

  1. Hi we have 2 children attending at Playford Hyatt we are thinking of keeping them at home for a few weeks because it is too risky as their mother my wife is pregnant in the last stages of her pregnancy and I do not think he’s wise for them to attend school so I will be getting there work soon home

  2. Have noticed in my schools office and communal area there is no sanitizing hand washes for bass people’s visitors and staff. How come they haven’t been given more money to provide this. Also outside each classroom there should be one as well

  3. I was in student services and there were no sanitising for hands for students or visitors. I think you should have them in communal areas also outside each classroom.

  4. I did had hand sanitiser on me, but alot of people been using it, ill be getting more soon but….. ill be charging 50 cents for a squirt. Have a lovely day now

  5. As we have just seen in a press conference, the Prime Minister has said schools will remain open. The approach is modeled on Singapore’s successful approach. Keep and eye on reliable news sources for further information.

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