Message from the Deputy Principal

School Attendance

Research shows that poor school attendance is associated with:

• lower academic achievement including literacy and numeracy

• early school leaving

• leaving school with fewer qualifications

• reduced opportunities for students to learn and access educational resources, further limiting achievement

• further absenteeism in higher year levels

• increased incidence of negative impact on health and wellbeing.

Our own data strongly supports these research findings. In order for students to be as successful as possible it is essential that they attend school every day that they are well enough to do so. It is also a legal responsibility of parents to ensure their child’s regular attendance at chool. DECD has recently launched prosecutions for failure to ensure regular attendance at school. Please contact the school if you would like to discuss strategies to help support your child’s attendance.

School uniform – why is it important?

Safety—through conforming with a full school uniform safety is reinforced as intruders are much more easily identified.

No one gets singled out— uniforms help reduce social issues.

Professionalism—commitment to uniform helps develop organisational skill, responsibility and self-discipline within students.

These are key skills required in the workforce.

Correct current contact details

It is extremely important that the school has up-to-date details for parents, carers and emergency contact individuals. Please remember to inform the school when any of these details change. This is especially important if a student is injured.

Traffic safety

Please encourage safe behaviour in relation to abiding by road rules and using designated pedestrian crossing points in the vicinity of the school.

Brian Jordan

Deputy Principal, Strategic Improvement and School Operations