Wellbeing Day

September 28, 2018 2 comments

On the Wednesday of week 9, term 3, Playford International College held a whole school event for Wellbeing Day. This consisted of different organisations, including Headspace, NACY’s, SA Police, and Street Light, coming to the school, setting up stalls, and giving out information that could help young people if they are struggling. The school’s Student Leadership team also had their own stall, and created a free scavenger hunt so that students could get more involved in the event. To complete the scavenger hunt you had to go around to every stall, listen to what the organisation was about and get a stamp to say you had been there. Once you had finished it, you were to go back to the Student Leadership stall and choose a prize. There were also many other free activities that went on including a sausage sizzle, henna art at the Street Light stall, and dog petting with the Labs n’ Life pups. This day was certainly exciting and I’m sure it helped many students in trouble and also gain knowledge on where to go if they ever need support. 

Blog by: Bethany Nembach

Photos by: Kayliah Deacon, Elizabeth Polanco, Isabella Lynch

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