We are officially looking for articles for our 2020 Yearbook!

October 21, 2020 0 comments

All students are encouraged to write their own article to share their perspectives of 2020.

The PIC Yearbook is an iconic school publication that captures the news, events and stories of the year. It’s published online, and has a readership of thousands. The yearbook is also sent to our esteemed partners such as sponsors, councils, and industry connections. CLICK HERE to see Previous Yearbooks

The Brief

Write your own article for the Playford International College 2020 Yearbook.
Your article –
• is encouraged to capture something unique about student life at PIC during 2020.
• should be between 250 – 400 words
• should inform the reader about a class, event, learning activity, house, student group or student story that matters to you.
You are encouraged to submit photographs, evidence of work to compliment their article.
Articles may be written by an individual student or a group of students.


Articles will need to be uploadable files, which means –
• Word, Excel, PDF, Images (.jpg, .png, .tif).
• NOT google docs, slides etc


5pm Friday 6 November 2020 (last day of week 4).

CLICK HERE To submit your entry


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