TAO Golden Event

April 08, 2019 0 comments

In week 10, students participated in a step challenge. Students recorded their steps on a device for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Students were also given the opportunity to participate in events during the recess break to help motivate and increase their number of steps.


Obstacle course set out in the amphitheater


Jump rope in the quad


Agility course (ladders and mini hurdles) In the quad

The step challenge results were recorded and tallied during mentor time on the Wednesday. Congratulations to the students, teachers and SSO’s in the following Houses.

1st- TAO House – 753,735 Steps

2nd- Jackson House – 484,850 Steps

3rd- Mitchell House – 397,533 Steps

4th- Barnes House – 286,556 Steps

5th- Gillespie House – 228,616 Steps

6th- Thomas House – 199,655 Steps

7th- Gillard House – 161,602 Steps

8th- Freeman House – 128,260 Steps

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