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Playford International College is one of the leading schools in South Australia to introduce an online reporting system to promote student wellbeing. Stymie is a tool designed to equip our young people to be an up-stander and be agents in promoting the development of a safe learning environment. Students and members of the community can make a notification on Stymie to report bullying and wellbeing concerns. Each day more and more students are refusing to attend school as they feel unsafe due the ongoing bullying concerns. Combating bullying and harm has to be a community initiative.

 Stymie was launched at PIC about a month ago, and is starting to work to effect. Stymie is available to the students, parents, teachers and the community. The online reporting forum is to provide students a platform so they can speak up rather than work against peer pressure. The anonymity of the notification on Stymie makes the students feel safe and alleviate anxiety and stress associated with concealing crucial and stressful information. It enables early intervention and encourages pro-social behaviour. The ultimate aim is to provide added safety to our students which will benefit all stakeholders in the PIC school community.

Every Sunday we receive a Stymie Focus image as a subliminal reminder that Stymie is always ‘here’.

Please visit the following site for Parent Information:

 For any further information please feel free to contact the school and we would be happy discuss.


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