Student Leadership Report

April 20, 2017 0 comments

Greetings to the Playford International College community. We are the Student Leadership Team of 2017. Our role this year is to make the school a better place for both students and teachers so we can make this the best year possible.

Like with most teams, there are certain roles that need to be filled within the leadership team. Below is a list of our executive roles for 2017.

• President – Brandon McKelliff

• Vice President – Rachael Hull

• Secretary – Hayley Allen

• Treasurer – Jamie Taylor

We are also running committees such as Wellbeing, Fundraising, form, Promotions, Grounds/Beautification and Breakfast club/Lunch programs.

We have already been quite busy in leadership meetings this term. So far we have helped to organise and cook the school Mentor BBQ for parents and the school community, which we believe went really well and generated heaps of positive feedback. A few of us went on an excursion to St Peter’s College for a seminar about what makes a great leader. And we will be going on an excursion to Woodhouse Activity Centre in a few weeks for some team building and leadership activities.We have already come up with some ideas for our committees, one being The World’s Greatest Shave for our  fundraising committee. If you would like to see some teachers be brave and shave, then head to the gym at lunch time on Friday the 30th of March. It will cost a gold coin donation to come in and see the show. We will also be selling cupcakes for $2.00.

If have you any suggestions to make the school even better, please come and find one of our four executive student leaders or Mr Deguet.

Warm Regards,

Student Leadership Team


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