Student Blog: School change through the Eyes of a Year 9 Student

June 06, 2018 0 comments

Student Blog: School change through the Eyes of a Year 9 Student
At the start of this year I began year 9 & I thought to myself everything would just be like normal. However, over the summer the school made three big changes that have had an impact on students and our life at school.

1. No Bell: The first change I noticed was there was to be no bell. Last year, we had a bell to depend upon telling us when to start school, switch lessons and of course, my favourite bell – home time. This year we are to rely on ourselves or others around us to manage our time, instead of having it done for us. At first the idea surprised me, I thought it wasn’t the smartest idea ever and it would provide us with excuses such as “I didn’t hear the bell!” However, when you think about it, it wasn’t a bad idea. It just teaches us to manager our own time. We are not always going to have a bell, you can’t always rely on things to be done for you so you have to take charge and get things done for yourself.


2.New buildings: In 2017 the school began to redevelop the site. The construction work has been loud and disturbing at times, but the teachers have been doing the best they could to move us around to a quieter area so our learning would not be disrupted. Excitingly two buildings have been completed (Art & Home Ec), and they look amazing! Two more buildings (Gym and Music / Dance) are still in progress, but almost done. Even though the disturbances haven’t been the greatest, the buildings have turned out really nice and we cannot wait to begin using the new facilities!


3.PLT and Classes: This year there is a new subject call PLT (Personal Learning Time), where you can sign up for a master class. I have been able to choose between a range of masterclasses on offer including: Coffee Making, Dance, French, Anime, Art or to catch up on study. I have enjoyed opting into Masterclasses and in particular having extra time to work in Dance.

Overall, I personally think people have adjusted well to the new changes in Semester 1 2018, even myself. This year has definitely been better than the last (& I really like the new additions to the school uniform!) Bring on semester 2!


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