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updated – 2021 08 30 Mo 1450

  Person email address Role / Faculty Key Functions / Teaching Responsibilities

Senior Executive Group

  Karen Bond Principal Principal
  Nick Zissopoulos Deputy Principal School Operations and Strategic Improvement
  Hazel Bashford Business Leader School Ancillary, Finance and Business

Executive Directors

  Minnie Bal Executive Director Engagement & Wellbeing
  Karen Clark Executive Director Junior Secondary School
  Leanne Polkinghorne Executive Director Senior Secondary School
  Ingrid Lees Executive Director Teaching and Learning
  Jenna Miltenoff Executive Director Special Interest Music and House / Mentor
  Tracy Moore Executive Director Middle Secondary School


  Chevonne Craker Director Culture and Diversity
  Shannon Dissinger Director Striving for Success
  Dylan Muzyka Director Timetable and Data
  Neville Hubbard Director Student Pathways and VET
  Susan Thomson Director Inclusive Education Support Program (IESP)

Curriculum Leaders

  Simon Deguet Head of Food & Hospitality
  Chip Diamond Co-ordinator of Music
  Paul Eckermann Head of Personal Development
  Sue Elderfield Head of Science
  Adam Eustace Head of Aboriginal Education
  Susan Farah Head of Supported Learning
  Rose Forster Head of Communications
  David Green Head of Technology
  Dani Martin Head of Maths
  Belle Mckay Head of Arts
  Daniela Russo Head of Global, WPP & RP
  Lisa Train Head of EALD

House Leaders

  Sam Ritchie Barnes
  Jesse Rogerson Freeman
  Gabby Amos Gillard
  Lucy Burg Gillespie
  Mitch Asser Jackson
  Aiden Hinsley Mitchell
  Katie Woodrow Tao
  Adam Gribble Thomas

Wellbeing Team

  Minnie Bal Executive Director Engagement & Wellbeing
  Brittny Connaughton Student Wellbeing Leader
  Jarrod Copeland Student Wellbeing Leader
  Sam Milne Student Wellbeing Leader
  Emily O’Neil Youth Worker
  Michelle Stevens Christian Pastoral Support Worker
  Krista Zanker Youth Worker

Teaching Staff

  Barbara Buckland Arts
  David Clarke Arts
  Ash Flynn Arts
  Guy Louanglath Arts
  Hayley McGill Arts
  Olivia Smith Arts
  Lachlan Wildy Arts
  Monica Baldock Communication / Arts
  Lydia Coleman Communications
  Mark Davidson Communications
  Rachel Gregor Communications
  Rose Hampel Communications
  Lachlan Haynes Communications
  Natalie Jennings Communications
  Jai Koirala Communications
  Juan Li Communications
  Karenna Nelson Communications
  Anand Rajandren Communications
  Matt Krieg Curriculum
  Brendon Parker Design & Technology
  Becky Parker FLO / PAL
  Samuel Ruyssen Food & Hospitality
  Kimberley Shipway Food & Hospitality
  Jamie Trezise Food & Hospitality
  Cristina Corpuz Global Studies
  David Monaghan Global Studies
  Elisa Resce Global Studies
  Ken Thompson Global Studies
  Tamika Green Home Economics
  Gabby Amos IESP
  Susan Farah IESP
  Ben Steed IESP
  Kate Bayly Maths
  Melissa Casburn Maths
  Mark King Maths
  Zia Kurban Maths
  Mahendra Prasad Maths
  Sam Ritchie Maths
  Rowena Rundle Maths
  Atsumi Yonehara Maths & TRT
  Ana Marques Britto Maths, Science
  Sebastian Angus Music
  David Blight Music
  Lothar Bukojemski Music
  Tim Hogan Music
  Harrison Lambert Music
  Dominic Meehan Music
  Kerryn Schofield Music
  Anna Webb Music
  Olivia Wienert Music
  Jakob Aebi PAL
  Priya Ghosal PAL
  Kate-Ellen Hopgood PAL
  Brad Pratt PAL
  Saru Rana PAL
  Tyler Lee Personal Development
  Josh Young Personal Development / ATSI
  Nicola Murphy Science
  Ai Ling Choy STEM
  Shane Hodgson STEM
  Tanuja Sood STEM
  Ashley Sykes STEM
  Jenna Barrett-Woodbridge Supported Learning
  Irek Belkner Supported Learning
  Angela Ioannou Supported Learning
  Amelia Rofe Supported Learning
  Lauren Westgarth Supported Learning
  James Schueler Technology

Ancillary Leadership

  Taryn Moore Executive Administration Manager
  Denise Butcher Finance Manager – Facilities and Resourcing

Ancillary Staff

  Natalie GIles ACETO
  Dan Shaw ACETO
  Jamin Tripp ACETO
  Jai Bhandari BSSO
  Capitoline Niyimbona BSSO
  Anod Regmi BSSO
  Kimberley Batchelor Clerical Support Officer
  Michelle Stevens Christian Pastoral Support Worker
  Brett Haggie D&T/ STEM Cross Curricular Support
  Hazel Nicks Daily Organisation Officer
  Crystal Crowdey Data Officer
  Marion Furber Finance Officer
  Tony McKee Grounds Staff
  John Venetsanos Grounds Staff
  Rodney Freeman Grounds Staff – Leader
  Andrew Crouch ICT / Publicity & Promotion
  Marc Vallance ICT Manager
  Daniel Keenan ICT Technician
  Graham Pullen ICT Technician
  Jessica Akkari IESP
  Jessica Axford IESP
  Emma Baker IESP
  Alysha Emmerson IESP
  Nicola Glenie IESP
  Jenny Greig IESP
  Joanne Izzo IESP
  Domna Kenny IESP
  Rebecca Stocker IESP
  Aimie Strawbridge IESP
  Shu Zhou IESP
  Alison Morcom Interoception
  Gillian Hughes Interoception / Admin
  Zoe Brooks Junior Secondary Admin Support
  Skye Woodcock Laboratory Technician
  Indhu Jayjara Learning Hub Officer
  Sarah Kirk Middle Secondary Admin Support
  Amy Gray PAL Admin Support
  Jessica Bezzina PAL Case Manager
  Christina Gagliardi PAL Case Manager
  Danie Holland PAL Case Manager
  Isaac Prior PAL Case Manager
  Emma Rogers PAL Case Manager
  Rebekkah Sellars PAL Case Manager
  Danielle Stanton PAL Case Manager
  Mel Staruchowiz PAL Case Manager
  Dan Stevens PAL Case Manager
  Danielle Chmielewski PAL Curriculum Support
  Jaime Duncis PAL Curriculum Support
  Christabel Phillipson PAL Curriculum Support
  Isabelle Prior PAL Curriculum Support
  Diane Spice Receptionist / Finance
  Kathryn Matthews Receptionist & Customer Services
  Leanne Glenister Senior Secondary Admin Officer
  Lea Burchard Student Services Officer
  Anna Kyrtzaliotis Student Services Officer
  Matt Brodley Supported Learning / Interoception Curriculum Support
  Nick Brodley Supported Learning / Interoception Curriculum Support
  Thomas Hopgood Supported Learning / Interoception Curriculum Support
  Linda Khun Supported Learning / Interoception Curriculum Support
  Niki Mackinlay Supported Learning / Interoception Curriculum Support
  Kyra Middlemiss Supported Learning / Interoception Curriculum Support
  Chelsea Roberts Supported Learning / Interoception Curriculum Support
  Adam Shaw Supported Learning / Interoception Curriculum Support
  Emily O’Neil Youth Worker
  Krista Zanker Youth Worker