Application for Special Interest Music Program – 2021 School Year

CLICK HERE to download SIMC Brochure

• To Apply you will need to complete the application forms and return to the school no later than Friday 8 May 2020.

CLICK HERE to download SIMC Application Form

• Auditions will be held on Wednesday 20 May and Thursday 21 May 2020 for entrance into the 2021 Special Interest Music Centre program.

Auditions consist of three parts;
1. Performance - Students present a musical work on at least one instrument.
2. Practical Musicianship - Students demonstrate their ability to recognise and respond to elements of music including pitch, rhythm and melody.
3. Interview - Students demonstrate academic rigour, time management, and commitment pursuing an area of passion and interest.

If you need a hard copy form or have any further questions about the Special Interest Music Centre program, please contact the Special Interest Music Centre.