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February 25, 2016 0 comments

Playford International College Special Interest Music students were once again invited to perform at the annual SACE Merit Ceremony at the very beautiful grounds of Government House on Tuesday February 9. Our brass students joined with students from other Special Interest Music Centres to perform the Vice Regal Salute, and the Classical Guitar Ensemble performed for dignitaries and guests. Our new music stand banners certainly drew attention, and people passing by wanted to know more about Playford International College.

Congratulations to all musicians who performed so well and proudly represented our new school at this event.

Performing at ‘A Night on the Green at the Grove’ on Wednesday February 10 were students Jamie Groom, Mathew Allen and Matthew Snelling. Peter Moore, Kimberley Daly and Zane Weetra provided musical entertainment at the Year 8 BBQ on the same evening. The following week, Year 12 students Tiana Marius and Ashley White performed at the Year 12 BBQ. Many thanks go to all these students for their wonderful performances.

On Wednesday February 17, Jamie Groom, Mathew Allen, Matthew Snelling and Peter Moore performed at the SACE Psychology Merit Award ceremony held at the EDC. Special guest at these awards was Chief Education Officer, Jayne Johnston, who spent some time speaking with our staff and students, and joined them for a photograph. Sue Sodeman, Principal Psychologist, Statewide Services and Child Development Division, DECD, was very appreciative of the students’ performances, and provided the following feedback;

A very big thanks again to the totally talented group of students who played at our soiree yesterday. It was so lovely to see 2 familiar faces and 2 new ones. Another showcase of sensational students, terrific teachers and positive outcomes for public school education. I wish you all the very best, especially the year 12 students!

We look forward to another performance-rich, exciting year with the expansion of established ensembles and the development of a range of performance groups that will continue to showcase the diverse and exceptional talents of our music students.

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