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Achievement, attendance and maximising study blocks have been the key goals of the Senior School Team this semester. Well done to all Senior School students who are on track to achieving an ‘A’ grade for their semester 1 SACE result and to those students that have acted on feedback to improve their Term 1 progress grade. Congratulations to approximately 50% of the Stage 2 cohort that is submitting their Research Project in semester 1, and the work ethic required to achieve this of a high standard. There are also a large number of students that will be finished by the end of term making this one of the most successful semesters in Playford IC history in regards to Research Project completion.

Even though the Senior School students have some of the highest attendance rates when comparing year levels against each other, the vast majority of students at risk of not achieving in SACE subjects is due to poor attendance. Students recording 80% attendance or less will miss over one full term of secondary school each year, placing them at significant risk of non-completion. Attendance of 95% or above gives your child the greatest opportunity to be successful academically and keep future study and work pathways open. Well done to Senior School students who managed to achieve this benchmark in semester 1.

Senior Seminar Series

This term in the Senior Seminar Series students have participated in a number of activities and growth mindset opportunities. Seminar topics and activities have included;

A visit from the Governor’s Leadership Foundation (GLF)

Flinders University visited and hosted their ‘Flash Mentoring Roadshow’

Stage 1 students have continued to work of their seniors in action projects

Addressing procrastination sessions

Extra support time for Research Project and Work Experience preparation

Ex-students from past years have come in to share their stories of high school, give advice for success, share what they are currently up to and answer questions from students

Next term the Senior Seminar Series will shift focus to heavily preparing for 2018. For Stage 1 students that will involving getting ready for course counselling and Stage 2 students applying for university, TAFE or the workforce.

Key Dates

School Holidays – Stage 2 workshops. Timetable TBA. Hard copies will be available as well as mailed out.

Careers Night – Term3, Wednesday, 16th August 2017, Week 4 in the Senior Centre.

Course Counselling – Term 3, Wednesday, 6th September 2017, Week 7.

Rossi Boots Governors Leadership Foundation

Nominated Year 12 students who met certain criteria including attendance and career aspirations were involved in the Governor’s Leadership Foundation – Learn and Grow Program on Thursday in Week 6.

One of the main purposes for this visit was to expose the students to an industry that they may not be familiar with as well as introducing the students to all aspects of a successful business. The presenters were engaging and informative and captivated the students with the workplace tours, inspirational vision for their workplace and life experiences. Year 12 students were also very generously given a pair of Rossi school shoes for which they are very grateful.

A huge thankyou to CEO Myren Mann and Rossi Boots for making this opportunity possible for our students and for the generosity of the company as well as fellow presenters of the Governors Leadership Foundation – Learn and Grow Program.

Year 11 Beacon High Impact Program

From the 29th of May until the 1st of June, all year 11 students participated in the High Impact Program ran by Beacon Foundation at the Playford Civic Centre. This program was a work ready program focussing on preparing students for both work experience and their future work pathways.

The program included participating in mock interviews, identifying goals, resume writing and the opportunity to meet mentors from a variety of industries including Construction, Human Resources, Mental Health Services and IT Support.

On the first day of the program we had a guest visit from the Honourable Susan Close who came to find out more about how the programs Beacon runs and how Playford International College students were involved. She stayed for lunch and spoke with many students about how the day had progressed and what their future goals were.

All students and staff involved thoroughly enjoyed their Beacon experience and came away with a wealth of knowledge, improved confidence and industry connections.

The Beacon Foundation kindly funded 2 days of the program and the Playford Civic Centre who provided up with the wonderful venue free of charge which meant all Year 11 students had the opportunity to participate in the program.

Enjoy the mid-year break seniors!

Senior School Team

Tim Kloeden, Leah Van Zyl & Allira Quinton


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