SAASTA Power Cup

June 20, 2018 0 comments

During week 6 the SAASTA class went to the Aboriginal Power Cup that was held at Nazar reserve, Alberton Oval and Adelaide Oval. The Aboriginal Power Cup is a two day football carnival where all the SAASTA students from all around South Australia come down to Port Adelaide to play football for the Wednesday and Thursday. On these days we did activities such as the opening ceremony, career expo and practice for the cultural dance.

To finish off the carnival on the Friday there is curtain raser game before the Port and Richmond game for the teams that got the most points for things such as attendance, academics, career expo and cultural activities not just who won the football over the past few days. Additional to this we performed a cultural dance a few minutes before the game that was broadcasted on National TV and Robbie Young led us out in traditional dress. Finally we got to relax and watch the football and enjoy ourselves after an exciting and exhausting few days.

From SAASTA students; Aiden Hocking and Joseph Egan


For more information about the Aboriginal Power Cup please visit the following link to the Port Adelaide FC website: Power Cup


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