Pop Culture Week

May 15, 2018 0 comments
When 2017 launched the new House Program at PIC, Thomas House focused on creating the most joyous celebration of books, film, videogames, anime, YouTube, history, science, music, and all things geek in the form of Pop Culture Week.

Our house recognises that being a geek means not having to play it cool about the things you love, and so we decided that there was no better way to create a community of inclusion than to encourage everyone to let their geek flag fly for one week.

The week was such a success, that in 2018 we have continued the tradition. With points earned through a number of events, houses were determined to knock Mitchell house down from 1st place where they had reigned since last year.

The week started with a treasure hunt riddle to find Beyonce as she hid out somewhere on site. At lunch, we held a Talent Show-Off which included juggling, singing, jokes, and a shredding guitar solo from Jackson House’s Marcantonio Lorenzi. On Tuesday there were new board games to test out in the library, and a jukebox of music at lunch where students had to recognise the names and artists of a rocking playlist. Wednesday was a thriller, when the whole school got to see the best lip-syncing this side of Phillip Highway: while the combined teamwork from Natalie Royals, Brooke Hanselman, and Ashlee Hanselman won the day with their unique parody of Outkast’s Hey-Ya, no one would soon forget Farrel and Mr. King belting out Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. Finally, the short week ended on Thursday with a yard full of costumes. Passersby could spot the Incredible Hulk, the Easter Bunny, WWII era soldiers, and a walking-talking banana, just to name a few.

Despite a heated leaderboard, the week ended with Freeman House taking the cup for 2018. Let’s see if they can hold on to it in next year’s Thomas House annual Pop Culture Week.

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