Playford students are heading to South Korea

July 23, 2019 0 comments
In cooperation with the School of Languages, more than a dozen students from years 8-11 have been studying Stage 1 Korean after school, and 8 of these students have won either full or half-scholarships for a two-week study tour. This October students will visit Seoul, Busan, and the seaside city of Tongyeong. They will meet up with our sister class from Jeil High School in Incheon, eat kimchi and bulgogi, hike in the mountains of the Korean countryside, and take part in a K-pop dance class among many many other cultural experiences. All the while they will be expanding their knowledge of the Korean language.
As a team, the class has been fundraising the missing amount through a school car wash, can collection, and now a casual day. (Also stay tuned for a raffle with some epic prizes!) On Friday 2nd of August, students can come dressed in casual clothes if they make a $2 donation to the cause. We will also have refreshments for sale at lunch. We thank the school community for their support in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and look forward to sharing many pictures and stories from the trip.

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