PIC+ (PIC plus) gives students the opportunity to engage in deep learning in an area they’re passionate about. 
Students can go beyond regular study to engage in cross-curricular projects and engage in learning programs that exist beyond the PIC & ACARA framework.


1 x 80 minute lesson per week. Thursdays 1:40pm to 3pm


10 weeks (students could opt in for full semester, or full year)


Compulsory for Junior Secondary and Middle Secondary, Optional for Senior Secondary


No A to E Assessment, but utilising the Australian Curriculum capabilities to demonstrate student growth

Evidence of Learning



Please watch the following clip to gain a better understanding of PIC+

*Please note that the time of PIC+ may change

Student Voice

We want to hear from students to help guide the PIC+ program.
Please complete the following survey – PIC+ Student Survey.

Design your own PIC+ Program

Students who are keen to design their own PIC+ program for 2021 should CLICK HERE to submit a proposal.

Alternatively please email Chevonne.Craker126@schools.sa.edu.au if you would be interested in designing or helping a teacher co-design a PIC+ program for 2021.


Thanks for taking the time to learn about PIC+ and for completing the PIC+ Student Survey so that you can help guide the PIC+ program.