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September 24, 2018 0 comments
This weekend 8 students from PIC competed in Round 6 of the HPV super series at Murray Bridge (Sturt Reserve). Students raced non-stop from 12pm Saturday through to 12pm Sunday displaying our school values and amazing spirit the whole time! All staff involved where extremely proud of the boys racing! 
Playford finished the race 23rd completing a staggering 411 laps or 750kms in 24 hours.
To put that into perspective the 8 students below rode from Elizabeth to Melbourne CBD in 24 hours! We are currently provisionally placed 13th overall for the series.
I would to acknowledge the work that Shaun Wallace has done over the year, without his help the 5 races we have competed in would not be possible!
Below is a summary of all the races we have competed in this year.
This year has seen Playford have undoubtedly the most successful year in the 10 years we have been involved in this program.
An example of this is that we did over 100 more laps this year at Murray Bridge compared to last year and overall this year we did over 1600kms this year or Elizabeth to Goolwa 7 times!
Riders Involved:
Blaze Gigney
Nick Russell
Alex Galboury
Casey Oxlade
Corey Spek
Daniel Melville
Jaxson Montague
Thomas Jansen
Thank you so much to the following teaching staff who supported the team over the weekend and over the series,
-Mark King
-Brendon Parker
-Minnie Bal

 Special Mention to the following staff who came out over the weekend to support the students,

-Kate Bayly
-Sue Elderfield
-Rose Hampel
-Jade Smith
Races Completed: 
Mount Gambier 8hrs (60 entries)
106 laps
2.4kms long
250kms total
Loxton 6hrs (102 entries)
120 laps
205kms total
Vic Park 6hrs (153 entries)
143 laps
200kms total
Vic Park 6hrs (160 entries)
197kms total
Murray Bridge 24hrs (307 entries)
411 laps
740 total

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