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PIC Staff Deck and Screen
The deck screen was started in Term 2, 2018. The deck structure itself was previously finished by Mr Asser, Mr Green and Outdoor Construction students in 2017.

The design for the screen was to be airy and not feel closed in. It was also a design constraint that the staff sitting in the staffroom could see through the screen. The height of the screen was to comply with safety regulations and be structurally sound. The screen is a comfortable height to rest your arms on while looking across the yard.

The screen is made from Ekodeck, a product made from timber and recycled plastic. It requires no maintenance and does not need to be painted. The Ekodeck is rot and termite resistant.Construction3

Students worked tirelessly to measure, cut and install the screen. Progress was made slowly as posts were first installed and bolted to the subdeck. The screen was placed one board at a time, students needed to ensure these were level and lined up with the previous section.


Two year 11 students- Callum Pridham and Suthy Kuch were instrumental in creating the post structures, routing them in preparation for the slats to slot in. The boys were also responsible for bolting the posts to the deck.
The Elective Technology class were involved each lesson in placing spacers and slats, level and at even spacing’s to expand the screen, most days getting 1 section completed. This was a great effort in teamwork and coordinating jobs to students. Well done class. Riley Drowley gets a special mention as he would come out to the deck when he was not booked in to another PLT.Construction1

A large thankyou to the Design and Technology department for all of their help and support during this project.

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