On behalf of the ICT department at PIC

February 02, 2020 0 comments

I would like to thank all the staff and students who have visited ICT to organise their new devices, login details or just to get connected to our network.

We absolutely appreciate everyone who has waited patiently (sometimes in hot conditions).

This year we have had to create new passwords for all users at PIC (students and staff) as we have implemented an improved, secure and convenient single sign-in service.

Throughout week 2 and week 3 we will focus our attention to assisting parents and caregivers gain access to our programs (Canvas and Compass). For more information about the software suite please CLICK HERE to visit Digital Learning at PIC.

We will also be releasing a series of instructional videos for parents and caregivers on how to get the most out of our software programs, as well as information night later in the term.

A massive thanks to the ICT staff for the major efforts over the past few weeks, and to all the staff and students who assisted.

If you have any questions or feedback please visit ICT.

Nathan Cini
Executive Director of Digital Learning and ICT Infrastructure

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