New Student Mentor Program

March 06, 2017 0 comments

From this year, every Year 8-12 student has been provided a teacher/leader mentor. Each teacher/leader mentor has up to 12 students in their mentor group and each mentor group is part of a new School House structure. Every School Support Officer is also attached to one of the 8 School Houses. The purpose of the Mentor Groups is to provide every student and their family direct access to a mentor/support teacher. This teacher will stay with the student throughout their schooling at Playford IC and their aim to develop a close relationship with you and your child. Each week, mentor teachers will monitor your child’s attendance, uniform, behaviour, relationships with others, wellbeing and academic progress. As the year progresses, you can expect your child’s mentor teacher to make regular contact with you. If you require assistance with any school matter, please contact the school and ask to speak with your child’s mentor or specific teacher in the first instance.


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