Middle School and Transition

August 25, 2017 0 comments

The Middle School department has had the pleasure of welcoming multiple local schools to our site for half day visits. So far we have had ten primary schools come to Playford International College. On the half day visit primary school students have the opportunity to become more familiar with the school surroundings, hear about the schools’ upcoming site developments and witness our curriculum in action. Student will get to experience a core or elective subjects such as our music program as seen in the below photograph.

Year 7 students join the Transition Coordinator and a Student Leader for a compressive tour of the school grounds where students get the opportunity ask questions to teachers, school leaders and students. Playford International college students are happy to share their learning experiences with the primary school students and teachers. If you have any questions about our Transition programs from 7 to 8 please contact the Transition Coordinator Tamika Green.

On a number of the Transition visits to Playford IC, they participated in some Music Lessons or be an audience for a Music Performance. Visiting Year 7s and 6s have had the opportunity to see our Playford IC Special Music students in actions with performances from ensembles, small groups and ensembles. They have also joined in on occasions with our Primary Music Hub students for a choir rehearsal and rhythmical games.

Elizabeth North PS & Elizabeth Grove PS had the opportunity to get a little more hands on with creating music on a variety of instruments – including chairs! It is great to see to many students coming through and really enjoying the interactive experience, but also to see the opportunities they see in attending Playford International College in the near future.

A huge thanks to Tamika Green for her fantastic organisation with the local Primary Schools in preparing the Transition Visits to Playford IC, and I think we can all agree that the coffee is an added bonus!

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