Message from the Principal- Issue 7

September 21, 2016 0 comments

Good afternoon everyone,

It is hard to believe that term 3 is all but over. As a school, we have enjoyed a busy and productive term and the quality of our students’ learning has been very visible. Whilst planning for the 2017 is now well underway, we still have much ahead of us form the remainder of the year.

Year 12 Students:
Study programs for our Year 12 students are now entering their final stages. Students are completing their last topics, final assignments are being completed and exam revision programs have commenced. This is a critical time for these students. Every effort and sacrifice needs to be made to ensure that all outstanding assignment work is completed and submitted. Please encourage and support your child to attend school every day and to work hard over the next 6 weeks. A strong effort now will significantly impact on final SACE results for the year.
Staff News:
I am pleased to announce a large number of recent appointments to Playford International College. A number of other positions at our school will be finalised over the coming weeks. Congratulations to the following staff would have achieved permanency with us:
• Jesse Rogerson
• Chevonne Craker
• Angela Ioannou
• Karenna Nelson
• Rachel Seagar
• Adam Gribble

I am also pleased to announce the following long term leadership appointments to our school:
•Tim Kloeden – Assistant Principal, Senior School and SACE Improvement (5 years)
•Susan Thomson – Director of Student Intervention and Support (5 years)

Arts Showcase:
I must make special mention of our Arts Showcase that was recently held at the Shedley Theatre. What an absolutely amazing night! To see our Music and Arts students and staff perform to such an incredible level was a joy to behold. If you missed this year’s event, whatever you do, don’t miss next year’s event.

Student Behaviour:
Overall, we have observed significant improvement in overall student behaviour throughout the year. This is great credit to the vast majority of students who continue to maintain high standards of conduct. For some students, there is still room for improvement. If your child has been suspended or excluded this year, this is a critical indicator that their behaviour is totally unacceptable. It is important that parents/guardians realise the significance of unacceptable student behaviour and support us in our efforts to rid our school of poor behaviour. Students who grow up without strong self-management skills, personal discipline and respect for others and property, ultimately suffer poor relationships, wellbeing and career prospects as adults. Please make the behaviour of your children one of your highest priorities.
Quote of the Week:
“A good beginning makes a good end”
Louis L’Amour
Rob Knight – Principal

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