At Playford International College we have adopted a live assessment and reporting model, this is to ensure that assessment feedback is purposeful, relevant, timely and constructive so that learning improvement is achieved in an efficient manner. 


As a parent/caregiver this model allows you to monitor your child’s academic progress on a daily basis rather than  waiting for end of term and semester reports as is the case in a traditional reporting model. Having access to live academic information allows support and intervention to take place much sooner and, in turn, benefit your child.  

Above are images on the Canvas portal for user information regarding Live GPAs, assessment grading and feedback.

The live dashboard will calculate each student’s GPA (grade point average) every night based on the grades entered by teachers, for this reason you may see the GPA fluctuate on a daily or weekly basis depending on what the student has submitted and received a grade for. You can then investigate further by accessing Canvas and viewing specific assignments, grades and importantly; the feedback provided. This enables you to be proactive in pinpointing which courses or even tasks your child may be struggling in and likewise excelling within. 

Accessing this information regularly breaks down the walls that can often be felt by parents when their child transitions to a secondary school environment, having a clear idea of how a child is progressing then allows for further communication to take place in a timely manner. 

Above are images of the Canvas App information presented for users.

At Playford International College we are excited about this new development and the ability to provide parents with consistent, up- to- date academic information at their fingertips.

Please note the live GPA is not a final grade, rather a live indicator of how your student is progressing through the subject at this moment. As your student completes more assignments, the GPA will change according to grades they receive.

In Canvas,you now have the option of clicking on the subject and exploring all of the assignments that your student has completed, as well as view their grades, rubric and feedback from their teachers. You will also be able to see any overdue assignments that are yet to be completed. 

Please note that this live reporting system will replace the End of Term Reports. At the End of a Semester, we will be releasing a student dashboard which provide parents and guardians a clear summary of student assessment and attendance information. This dashboard will also serve as the end of semester report, and will be accessed via Canvas, and it will also be archived in Compass. 

Above is a mock up of the new Student Dashboards.

If you have any questions please contact the school for further information about Live Assessment & Reporting and the software solutions we use.