“Laptops for Learning” options*

Every student needs a device

To help our students and their parents / caregivers we have chromebook laptops for sale. *
Of course everyone is free to purchase a device from anywhere and we will do our best to make it work.
See all details below. 

Chromebook (ChromeOS)**

In 2021 the Chromebook device we offer is the Lenovo 300e 2nd Generation. It has a touchscreen and long battery life with high performance specifications and is perfectly suited for our school’s ICT network, the Google educational suite and external internet access.

OPTION 1 – Total Cost $480

• Lease a Lenovo 300e 2nd Generation for 1 YEAR at a cost of $480.
• At the end of the 1 year lease you will own the device.

• If you choose this option you are committing to buy the device for $480 over the course of 1 year.
• Centrepay or part payment through the school may be available via a signed agreement. 

OPTION 2 – Total Cost $480

• Buy a Chromebook OUTRIGHT for $480.
• You will own the device immediately.

• If you choose this option you are committing to buy the device outright for $480.
• There is NO time payment scheme available for this option. 

OPTION 3 – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

• Students may already have a device.

• We do our utmost to ensure that any device a student may already have (including an iPad) is useable on our network.
• We do not recommend using smart phones as the small screen size is very difficult for school work.
• Many devices are available from a wide range of retailers in a wide price / quality range.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating system –

• Windows 10 or later (NOT Windows in “S mode”)
• Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later.
• Chrome OS
• iOS 12 or later (iPad)

WiFi connectivity –

• “ac” and / or “ax” wifi standards.


Social Justice options are available in cases of extreme financial hardship. The comparative quality and performance of the device supplied may vary as they will be sourced from our older school owned devices. However we guarantee they will be functional and fit for purpose. Please call (08) 8255 7566 to make an appointment with a member of our Wellbeing team to apply. 


This must be done in person at our Finance Office. 

CLICK HERE to find us


Permission to use any device on the PIC network is approved only after the lessee has signed and returned these 3 forms. 
This must be done in person at our front office.
Click on the document names below to see the full terms & conditions.
• "Laptops for Learning User Agreement"
• “Electronic Device user agreement”
• "Acceptable Electronic Device use Policy".
* While stocks last. 
**The make and model of Chromebook device offered will vary depending on availability and cost.
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