Whole School Swimming Carnival

January 29, 2016 0 comments

For many years our school has conducted a Splash Carnival at the Aquadome, mainly for our new Year 8 students as a getting-to-know-you event. This year I am excited to say that we are holding a Whole School Swimming Carnival at the Salisbury Swimming Centre on Tuesday, February 9. This is a compulsory school event for all students and they must attend either as a participator or supporter.

The emphasis is on the emerging Playford International College spirit, and the friendly House competition between the Jackson Crocodiles (green), Gillespie Redbacks (red), Mitchell Tigers (yellow) and Thomas Rockets (blue). But above all it’s about FUN!

As always our parents and carers are welcome to come and support our College and students. Be there about 10am and dress up in one of our House colours, or the mainly black of the Playford Panthers!

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