End of Term 1 Communication

April 09, 2021 0 comments

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of term 1. I would like to thank the Playford International College community for their warm welcome. While it has been a very busy term, it has been a productive and enjoyable one. We have enjoyed very successful all school events: the annual Swimming Carnival and the annual Sports Day. This year we held our Sports Day at the Playford Athletics Grounds. The result was a very well-run and enjoyable Sports Day.

We have appointed several new staff during the term. We welcome the following staff to Playford International College:


  • Ingrid Lees – Executive Director: Teaching and Learning
  • Tracy Moore – Executive Director Middle Secondary
  • Grant Kininmont – PAL Teacher
  • Susan Barclay – Supported Learning Teacher


  • Capitoline Niyimbona – BSSO African Cultures
  • Anod Regmi – BSSO
  • Jai Bhandari – BSSO

This term our School Board met twice. Unfortunately, we have had very few parents/carers volunteer to be on this decision-making group for 2021. A School Board or Governing Council play an integral role in the Governance Framework for the Department for Education. They work with the Principal to:

  • implement school improvement plans.
  • involve the local school community.
  • develop and approve local school policies.
  • set the broad direction and vision of the school.
  • monitor and review the school improvement plan.
  • be an employing authority of some non-teaching services, including the canteen.
  • report to the site community and Minister on council business and budgets.

In our second meeting we appointed 2 of the 3 officer bearer positions:

Chairperson: Bronwen Taylor (Parent)

Secretary: Taryn Moore (School Leadership)

Treasurer: Vacant

Other members of the board in attendance this year are Professor Gordon Howarth (Old Scholars/University), Glenn Docherty (Mayor), Karen Bond (Principal), Nick Zissopoulos (Deputy Principal), Denise Butcher (School Leadership), Gabby Amos (staff representative) and Ana Marques Britto (staff representative). Student Representatives are yet to be appointed.  It would be great to have some more parents/carers on our School Board. Considerable knowledge of and skills in governance are obtained through membership on a school board and school board membership is a useful addition to your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

The School Board meets twice a term at 5pm and we aim to conclude by 6:30pm. If you are interested in being part of the School Board, please consider attending the next meeting scheduled for 5pm on Wednesday May 12th. If you would like further information, please contact Karen Bond at the school on 8255 7566.

As the colder weather approaches, I would also like to stress the importance of school uniform. Wearing a school uniform assists in improved Work, Health and Safety (WH&S) outcomes for all and helps set a positive tone at the school. Wearing uniform, including shoes secure to the foot, allows young people to engage safely in the full range of learning activities and participate in break time activities. It also removes competition based on fashion trends, reducing incidences of bullying and harassment. The school uniform at Playford International College is endorsed by the School Board. Our school uniform does not include leggings or ripped pants. At the time of enrolling at Playford International college, uniform expectations are outlined and in the process of enrolling, parents/carers are agreeing to support uniform policy.  I would like to thank those families that ensure their child/children are in uniform and I ask that all families assist the school by ensuring that your child/children are in full uniform each school day. Uniform items can be purchased at the school and payment schemes are available.

From the 9 April, Term 1 reports will be available to parents and carers via Canvas. While you can access Canvas at any time to see how your child is progressing, each curriculum area will ensure that by the end of the term there will be task grades to view for every student in every subject. If you have specific questions about your child’s achievement, please contact the subject teacher/s via email or by calling the school to request a call from the teacher/s.

Lastly, I hope that all students have an enjoyable end of term break. If you are travelling during this time, please take care while on the road.


Kind Regards,

Karen Bond


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