Dishing Up Charity

July 07, 2017 0 comments

This term our Year 8 and 9 Arts students have been working tirelessly on creating art for a cause. After listening to presentations from two local charities, the Animal Welfare League and OZ Harvest, each student designed a ceramic plate with the intention to sell and raise money for these worthy causes.

Students based their ideas around animals and food and designed platters, bowls and plate that could be used for serving food. Using a print making process, the students created lino or foam stamps and printed them onto slabs of clay by pressing them into the surface. This clay was cut, and fired in the kiln then painted with food grade glazes. Currently the plates are going through a final firing process and should be available to purchase early next term.

This is a fantastic example of Playford International College’s Project Based Learning initiative, where students learn from community driven project to foster real life learning skills. Well done to all students, teachers and community members involved and we look forward to the sale and raising funds for such worthy causes.

Belle Stoneham

Arts Coordinator


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