Cows Create Careers

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Student Blog:
Holy Cows

We are a group of five students (Elijah, Teesha, Sakhawat, Gracie and Drew) and we formed a team called Holy Cows for our Cows Create Careers project as part of year 9 Science. The project revolved around the PIC Agriculture program, which featured two calves (Jersey X Bulls). The bulls were on our school ground, in a new agriculture pen for three weeks. As a team we were part of the crew that looked after the calves while they were on site. We fed them grains and powdered milk, cleaned the pen and changed the water (among other duties).

We really enjoyed having the calves on site, and it was an amazing experience to feed and pat the calves.

As part of the project we had make a movie about how we cared for the calves over the three weeks. We then had to a write a letter to industry about our experience.

The final part of the project was an excursion to Nurioopta where we participated in more agriculture based activities, including how we can break into the industry.

We would definitely do this project again (not just because we won free chocolate) but because we really enjoyed working with animals and meeting new people!

Teacher Blog:
Just wanted to give a shout out to the Year 8’s and 9’s who participated in Dairy Australia’s 2018 Cows Create Careers Program.

Miss Connaughton and Mr Asser, along with 18 students headed off to Nurioopta this morning for the final day of the LegenDAIRY initiative.

We participated in activities throughout the day revolving around the Dairy Industry, before the award presentation.

We had entered 3 Senior Teams (our Year 9’s) and 2 Junior Teams (our Year 8’s). our teams had to develop a letter and a movie based around our learning through working with the calves we had here at PIC for 3 weeks plus other materials through the program. Our Teams were up against around 14 other schools also with numerous teams. Schools such as Nurioopta High, Faith Lutheran, Gawler and District, Blake view Primary, Cambri Area School and Orroroo Area School just to name a few.

We were all are ecstatic to announce 1 of our Senior Teams coming away with a 3rd Place Finish!

The team named ‘The Holy Cows’ made up of 

  • Elijah Farquhar
  • Teesha Tassell
  • Sakhawat Qalandari
  • Gracie Slater
  • Drew Douglas

Our team “The Holy Cows!” came 3rd by just 2 points to Eudunda Area School (2nd) and Horizon Christian College (1st)


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