Canvas update for parents / caregivers

September 27, 2019 0 comments

Dear Parents / Guardians,

You have now all received your login details for our exciting new learning management system, Canvas. You can login anytime to see a live Grade Point Average (GPA) for your student for each subject as well as explore the digital learning environment.

Please note the live GPA is not a final grade, rather a live indicator of how your student is progressing through the subject at this moment. As your student completes more assignments, the GPA will change according to grades they receive.

In Canvas, you now have the option of clicking on the subject and exploring all of the assignments that your student has completed, as well as view their grades, rubric and feedback from their teachers. You will also be able to see any overdue assignments that are yet to be completed.

Please note that this live reporting system will replace the term 3 end of term report. In term 4 we will be releasing a student dashboard that will allow you to view a live summary of both student assessment details and attendance information. This dashboard will also serve as the end of semester report.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Login to Canvas here.

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