Cambodia Trip 2018

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In December 2018, nine students from Playford International College will be attending a volunteering expedition in Cambodia. They will be involved in a range of activities which will support the local communities. These activities range from construction through to English teaching and sports coaching. They will also get to visit Angkor Wat, an ancient temple complex (and the place where Tomb Raider was filmed) as well as the cities of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

The students who are attending the trip need to raise $3500 each, which will cover their airfares and accommodation as well as many of their meals and other expenses. While many of the students have been completing individual fundraising and most are working hard to save money from their after school jobs, we are also working on a number of fundraisers as a group.

One of these fundraisers was a macaroon sale organised by Liam Booth and the VET Food Processing class. This was hugely successful and, with the enthusiastic support of our PIC staff, raised $350. The student leadership team also organised a casual day with proceeds going to Cambodia and the Supported Learners have set up recycling bins near the canteen to raise money for our cause.

There are plenty more exciting fundraising activities being planned so please make sure that you keep an eye on our Facebook page ‘Playford International Cambodia Trip’ or visit the website at to stay up to date.

Megan Walker, who is attending the trip, has written the following update on what the group is doing and why she’s excited about going to Cambodia.

“My name is Megan Walker and I am interested in sports, mostly soccer, netball and Ice hockey. I am also interested in maths and I really enjoy working with kids. I am an identical twin. My twins name is Jade, and Jade and I do majority of things together. We really enjoy playing soccer together and we spend a lot of time with our nephew.

I am extremely excited to go on the trip to Cambodia because it is going to be a great opportunity for both myself and everyone else who is coming. It is going to let us interact with people from a different culture and it will allow everyone to acknowledge the differences in countries and lifestyles. Another reason why I am keen to go on this trip is because I enjoy helping people and this is a perfect chance for me to help people who are less privileged than I am. This is also an interesting opportunity because Jade and I both want to have professions which involve helping people. Jade wants to be a teacher and I want to be a police officer. This trip will help us to build skills that could possibly help us in the future.”

Over the past four weeks the Cambodia team have been meeting and discussing fundraising ideas that could make it a lot easier for families to afford this trip. So far we have run a BBQ at our local soccer club, the Andrews Farm Soccer and Community Club, which was highly successful. We raised over $250 and I was very proud as I worked hard to organise this. Jade is currently organising a bubble soccer night which will be very helpful too.

Some of the students involved have made a go fund me pages for individual fundraising. Please have a look at them and any donations are greatly appreciated from everyone involved.

Jamie Taylor’s go fund me:
Liam Booth’s go fund me:
Megan and Jade Walker’s go fund me:

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