Year 7 Students applying to study

Special Interest Music in the 2021 school year

As one of four Special Interest Music Centres in South Australia, Playford International College (PIC) offer music scholarships for current year 7 students who successfully audition into our music program. The audition process is open to any students who play an instrument or sing and we encourage all students who have a passion for music to apply.

Due to COVID-19 this year’s process has been slightly altered.

Please contact our Special Interest Music Centre for up to date details. 

There are 3 steps in the process. 

STEP 1 – by Monday 16 November 2020

Complete the Online Application Form or return a paper application form directly to Playford International College. 

CLICK HERE to fill out the Online Application

CLICK HERE to download the paper application form

STEP 2 (OPTIONAL) – by Monday 16 November 2020

Upload a video of the applicant performing 

Applicants may also send a video recording of themselves playing or singing 2 short pieces (either 2 pieces on the same instrument or 1 piece on 2 different instruments).

Videos should be approximately 15 minutes long. A backing track or live backing is desirable but not essential.

Performance videos will be shared with all schools selected on the application form.

email video file to –

STEP 3 – on Thursday 19 November 2020


If a video has been provided with your application no performance is required for Step 3 this year. 

Applicants who haven’t provided a video in Step 2 will be contacted and will receive a scheduled interview time on this day. 

The interview should last for approximately 30 minutes. In the interview, students will be asked to show their most recent school report and talk about the following:

  • Their academic and musical achievements
  • Musical interests and experience (for example, the Festival of Music)
  • Club activities (for example, sport, scouts, St Johns)

Please note: Applicants will complete some aural exercises during the interview.

Notification of Outcome by Monday 23 November 2020

Parents / Caregivers will be contacted on or before this date with the results of their students’s audition.

CLICK HERE to see details of the entire 5 year Special Interest Music course as it stands for 2021