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May 22, 2018 0 comments
Term 1 has been a rollercoaster ride in the Animal Centre! Early in the term we had a Bearded dragon and enclosure donated that desperately needed some TLC! Our students grabbed the challenge with two hands, converting the enclosure into a lizard mansion!!! Mid Term the students planned and designed an amazing lizard pit for our shingle back and blue-tounged lizards. We had a sneaky gecko escape from its tank and the students embarked on a full scale search before deciding to create the ‘perfect’ habitat to entice it home. They researched all of the essential needs for a barking gecko and got to work. Although this didn’t work, the gecko was found and the students happily named him Houdini! These building projects along with research opportunities have provided a platform for the students to engage with and learn practical math, science and literacy skills and has so far been a huge success.
Our A-team now include Houdini – Barking Gecko, Ackie – Ridge-tailed monitor, Draco – Eastern water dragon, Veserian – baby bearded dragon, Falcore – Bearded dragon, Albert and George – Shingle back lizards, Big and Baby Blue – Blue tounged lizards, Robertle – Murray river turtle, Axle – axolotl, Green and Greener – Green tree frogs, Fluffy – Goliath Tarantula, Nightmare – Wolf Spider, Balboa and Scorpio – Scorpions and our giant stick insects.

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