6 thoughts on “A letter to parents / caregivers from the SA Department for Education”

  1. Please refer to the document posted above. The key phrase in reply to your question is – “We have followed and will continue to follow the advice of public health officials. If the advice changes we will update our approach and let you know.”

  2. I am a at risk 64 year old raising my year 11 grand-daughter. I have insulin dependant diabetic with problems of infection therefore my immunity system is compromised. Do i still send my grand-daughter to school risking her bringing home the virus?

  3. Well I don’t care what the Prime Minister says I’m not sending my boy to school and I do value his education. But what is a life worth Not much to our prime minister. I do understand jobs

  4. If anyone IS keeping a student at home we ask that you let us (Playford International College) know so that we can follow up on their attendance. Thank you.

  5. We rang yesterday, as I have incurable triple negative negative breast cancer…thanks to trial I am already on borrowed time. No longer on the trial as it attacked my heart now I also have cardiomyopathy and lung issues…I am pretty much isolating myself for the duration. We will be keeping Tyler home…Now if I can just learn to make toilet paper….😂😂😂

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