On the last day of Term 1, reports will be available

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17 March 2021

Term 1 Reporting to Families

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

From Friday 9 April (the last day of Term 1), we will be encouraging all parents, caregivers and students to access Term 1 reports via Canvas. While you can access Canvas at any time to see how your child is progressing, each curriculum area will ensure that by the end of the term there will be task grades to view for every student in every subject. If you require assistance in accessing Canvas, please CLICK HERE, contact our ICT Support Team via email: dl.0910.ictadmin@schools.sa.edu.au or by phone on 8255 7566 prior to the end of the term.

For all students at Playford International College, the term 1 reports will include an overall grade. This is not the final grade for any subject unless the subject itself only goes for one term. We call these Term 1 grades ‘indicative’ or ‘formative’, which means they are not final – yet. In years 8 to 11, final grades for each subject will be released at the end of term 2 (Semester 1) and term 4 (Semester 2). For Year 12 students, school-assessed final grades are released at the end of the school year.

This means that the term 1 report is a powerful check-in point for students and their families. It is a great time to see where each student is up to and to reflect on what to do to improve before the final grades are determined. The most important thing you can do right now is make sure any overdue work is submitted as soon as possible. Grades can be negatively impacted if work is not submitted. When viewing task grades on CANVAS, you can click on each task to view teacher feedback comments to get more information.

For students in year 8 to 10 with a verified disability, assessment is based on a modified program. For students with a verified disability in year 11 or 12, accommodations or modifications to programs are made in accordance with the rules set by South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Board.

If you have specific questions about your child’s achievement, please contact the subject teacher/s via email or by calling the school to request a call from the teacher/s.

Kind regards,

Karen Bond


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